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Warning: Scam/Phishing threatens X (Former Twitter) users, Targets their accounts


In recent days, numerous users on X, formerly known as Twitter, have fallen victim to a scam that puts their accounts at risk. This deceptive scheme attempts to trick users into logging in to view who has reviewed their account, but it ultimately leads to their accounts being compromised. We advise all X users to exercise caution and follow these safety measures to protect themselves.

The scam begins when users receive a message with a link, which claims to reveal the identities of those who have viewed their profiles. The message typically appears as follows:

“Who views your profile? We show you who has viewed your profile. See Stalker list.”

When users click on this link, nothing seems to happen. However, the real danger lurks in the act of logging in. Once you log in to your X account through this link, it enables the scam to take over your account, sending a malicious message to all of your followers. The message typically includes a link similar to this one:

This deceptive practice not only puts your account at risk but can also lead to further compromising of your personal information.

It is crucial to stay vigilant and take immediate action if you encounter such messages. If you receive any suspicious messages or links, follow these steps:

Go to settings and account settings, security and access, connected apps. Remove all permissions.

  1. Do not click on any unfamiliar links
    Avoid clicking on links sent by unknown or untrusted sources, especially those promising to reveal information about your account visitors.
  2. Delete the message
    If you receive any messages with suspicious links, delete them immediately to prevent further harm.
  3. Report the sender
    Report the sender of the message to the platform’s support team, if possible.
  4. Educate others
    Inform your friends and followers about the scam to help protect them from falling victim to it.

Additionally, be cautious when encountering text like the following on scam websites:

“Every member who uses the system knows and accepts that advertisements will be shared on their account. After logging into the system, no responsibility rests with the site; the individual accepts this. We are not affiliated with any social platform and accept it. For more…”

This text suggests that users are accepting the sharing of advertisements on their accounts upon login, and the website disclaims responsibility. Users should be skeptical of such language and refrain from engaging with these deceptive websites.

In conclusion, X users should exercise extreme caution when encountering any suspicious messages or links, especially those related to account activity. Protect your account and personal information by following the safety measures outlined above. Remember that staying informed and vigilant is the best defense against online scams.

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