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Wagner Group possibly linked to hacking activities targeting Baltic States


A recent wave of cyberattacks has shaken the Baltic region, and evidence suggests the involvement of the notorious Wagner Group, a shadowy private military organization with suspected ties to the Russian government. The hacking activities, believed to be orchestrated in collaboration with other hacking groups, come as a response to perceived Russophobia and military support to Ukraine by the Baltic countries.

In a statement released online, the hackers claimed responsibility for the attacks, asserting that they are uniting against supporters of the Ukrainian government. The group behind the attacks includes a coalition of hacking organizations, including Beregini, RaHDIt, Killnet, Zаря, Джокер ДНР, Вагнер, XakNet Team, NoName057(16), Black Wolfs, BEAR.IT.ARMY, Vосход, Народная CyberAрмия, Patriot Black Matrix, DEADFOUD, Xecatsha, and BEARSPAW.

Their message emphasizes that their actions are motivated by a desire to support Russian armed forces in various conflicts, including those in Pskov, Crimea, and Donbass. They also claim to be seeking justice for innocent victims, especially children, who have suffered at the hands of what they refer to as “Nazis.”

The hackers assert that the war against “Nazism” is far from over and call on other like-minded hacking groups worldwide to join forces with them. The coordinated cyberattacks are intended to combat the spread of what they view as Nazism, not only in Ukraine but also globally.

A video which was released on Telegram

The group’s statement underscores their determination and the scale of their operation, stating that they are not just 16 groups, but a coalition of 30 and counting, with no end in sight to their campaign.

It is essential to note that hacking activities of this nature are illegal and can have severe consequences. Governments and cybersecurity agencies around the world condemn such actions, and investigations are likely underway to trace the perpetrators.

The international community will be closely monitoring the situation in the Baltic region, with particular concern for the impact of these cyberattacks on the affected countries’ infrastructure and security.

Internet Intelligence will continue to follow this developing story and provide updates as further information emerges regarding the extent of the cyberattacks, the involvement of the Wagner Group, and any official responses from the Baltic states and the international community. Cybersecurity remains a critical global concern, and collaborative efforts are necessary to address and prevent such threats effectively.

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