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USS Carney successfully intercepts missiles headed for Israel from Yemen


The USS Carney (DDG-64), an Arleigh Burke Class Guided Missile Destroyer, effectively intercepted three missiles and an undisclosed number of drones that were launched from Yemen. The interception, conducted using the ship’s SM-2 missiles, occurred in the Eastern Mediterranean, where the USS Carney has been stationed in support of Israel.

The origin of the missiles and drones can be traced back to Houthi-controlled territory along the western coast of Yemen. Their perilous journey took them along the eastern bank of the Red Sea, ultimately meeting their end in a remarkable defensive effort by the USS Carney.

While the exact targets of these missiles remain a mystery, Brigadier General Patrick Ryder has suggested that they were headed north, potentially posing a threat to Israel. This interception has raised concerns and questions regarding the origins and motives behind this act of aggression.

The USS Carney, equipped with the Aegis Combat System, played a pivotal role in the successful interception. The Aegis system is designed to detect, track, and target all types of airborne threats, ensuring the safety of the warship and the territories it is protecting. The ship employed several SM-2MR Block III (RIM-66) missiles to neutralize the incoming threats. These formidable missiles boast a maximum range of 40 to 92 nautical miles (74-170 kilometers) depending on their intended target, with each missile costing approximately $2,000,000.

The involvement of Houthi rebels in this incident has raised eyebrows, given their known sympathies towards Hamas and their backing by Iran. Houthi rebels lack the capacity and technology to launch such a sophisticated attack, leading experts to speculate about potential Iranian involvement in this alarming act of aggression. The situation further highlights the complex web of regional geopolitics in the Middle East.

The interception by the USS Carney serves as a reminder of the critical role the United States Navy plays in maintaining security and stability in the region, protecting its allies, such as Israel, from potential threats. As investigations into the incident continue, the international community remains vigilant in its efforts to deter such acts of aggression and maintain peace in the region.

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