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US Special Forces assist Israeli efforts to rescue hostages in Gaza


The United States has deployed elite special operations forces, including the renowned Delta Force and the Navy’s SEAL Team Six, to provide support for Israel in its mission to rescue hostages held by the militant group Hamas in Gaza. Reports indicate that these special operations units, often referred to as “door kickers,” are on standby in a European country near Israel, ready to assist in the hostage recovery operation.

The crisis emerged after Hamas terrorists violently abducted approximately 150 hostages, including individuals with American citizenship, during a surprise attack on southern Israel. This brazen move resulted in over a thousand casualties within Israel, creating an urgent need for coordinated efforts to bring the situation under control.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed the presence of a team of hostage rescue experts who are working in collaboration with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Their role involves offering guidance in terms of planning and intelligence to facilitate the potential rescue mission. Austin emphasized the United States’ ability to rapidly deploy additional resources to the region, should the situation demand it.


In response to this escalating crisis, President Joe Biden stated, “I have directed my team to work with their Israeli counterparts on every aspect of the hostage crisis, including sharing intelligence and deploying experts from across the United States government to consult with and advise Israeli counterparts on hostage recovery efforts.”

The US government is working closely with Israeli authorities to support the hostage recovery operation and provide the necessary resources. This includes intelligence-sharing and expertise to assist the IDF in carrying out a successful rescue mission.

President Biden also disclosed that his administration was sending military aid to Israel, including ammunition and interceptors to enhance the country’s defense system. Additionally, the US has strengthened its military presence in the region by deploying the USS Gerald R. Ford carrier group and other assets to the eastern Mediterranean in support of Israel.

The deployment of the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group, consisting of the aircraft carrier and several guided missile destroyers, underscores the United States’ commitment to regional deterrence efforts and the security of Israel. The move aims to send a clear message of deterrence to parties involved in the conflict.

While the violence in the region escalates, the focus remains on a peaceful and successful resolution to the crisis, ensuring the safety of all those affected. The presence of US special operations forces, alongside enhanced military support, reflects the determination of the international community to bring an end to the conflict and ensure the safe return of the hostages. The situation is continuously evolving, and international efforts are being coordinated to address the ongoing crisis in Israel and Gaza.

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