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Unveiling extremism and disinformation with Open Measures


In the ever-evolving landscape of online information, the need for robust tools to sift through disinformation and extremism has never been more critical. In the midst of this digital battleground, Open Measures emerges as a beacon of transparency and collaboration, offering a comprehensive platform designed to investigate and counter harmful online activities.

Unveiling Open Measures: A platform for investigative power
Open Measures is a multifaceted OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tool explicitly crafted to delve into online content, specifically targeting disinformation and extremism. This powerful platform is equipped with an array of tools enabling users to dissect content by generating timelines and analyzing user activity across various social media platforms.

Features and functionality
One of the standout features of Open Measures is its ability to provide insights into historical events, reaching back up to six months. This access to historical data grants users a deeper understanding of the evolution of narratives and the spread of misinformation or extremist ideologies over time.

While the platform offers free access to historical data, there are also paid options available for users seeking real-time insights into ongoing events. This flexibility ensures that individuals and organizations, regardless of their resources, can leverage Open Measures to combat online threats effectively.

Democratizing tools for defense
Open Measures operates on a fundamental principle of democratization, aiming to level the playing field by providing accessible and open-source solutions to identify and combat online extremism. By making its platform freely available, Open Measures empowers journalists, researchers, and social enterprises to take proactive measures against harmful online activities.

Open Source and integrated approach
At the core of Open Measures is its commitment to openness and integration. The platform is built upon open-source principles, fostering transparency and collaboration within the online investigative community. Additionally, Open Measures offers seamless integration with existing systems through its API, allowing users to augment their ongoing investigations and enhance their threat intelligence operations.

Collaborative efforts and partnerships
Open Measures stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, having garnered support from prominent organizations such as Google Jigsaw, Mozilla Foundation, and These partnerships underscore the shared commitment to combating online threats and advancing the cause of digital safety.

Moreover, Open Measures proudly collaborates with entities like Distributed Denial of Secrets, Open Collective, and Bitmaker, further amplifying its impact and reach within the online investigative landscape.

Towards a safer digital future
In a world where the dissemination of disinformation and the proliferation of extremist ideologies pose significant challenges, tools like Open Measures serve as indispensable assets in the fight for a safer digital future. By championing openness, collaboration, and accessibility, Open Measures sets a precedent for the development of effective solutions to tackle online threats head-on.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the importance of platforms like Open Measures cannot be overstated. By harnessing the power of OSINT and collective action, we can confront the next generation of online threats with confidence and resilience.

For those eager to explore the capabilities of Open Measures firsthand, scheduling a demo is the first step towards unlocking its full potential and joining the fight against online extremism and disinformation.

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