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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) target Russia in overnight attacks


A series of incidents with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which carried out a string of attacks across multiple Russian cities during the night. The events have left authorities and the public perplexed, and as a result of this UAV incidents, the Russians will increasingly feel less safe.

Rostov: Multiple explosions reported
In Rostov, at least three explosions rocked the city overnight, causing widespread alarm among residents. Local media reports indicate that these blasts occurred at various locations within the city limits. Additionally, a vehicle near the headquarters of the Southern Military District caught fire, further escalating the chaos.

Bryansk: UAV shot down
Over in Bryansk, authorities reported the successful interception of a UAV flying over the city. The drone was reportedly shot down, resulting in debris falling near the railway station. Several windows were shattered, and a few vehicles suffered damage due to the falling wreckage.

Moscow Region: Drone crash near Zhukovsky International Airport
The most significant incident took place in the Moscow region, where a UAV reportedly crashed near Zhukovsky International Airport during the night of September 7. The impact caused significant damage to nearby buildings, with windows shattered and several vehicles sustaining damage from falling debris.

Authorities in the Ramenskoye district of Moscow Oblast have launched an investigation into the incident. Preliminary reports suggest that the UAV might have been targeting the airport but failed to reach its intended destination.

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