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UN Security Council may welcome new members as US pushes for reform


In an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph, White House Coordinator for Strategic Communications, John Kirby, revealed the United States’ intention to reform the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Kirby explained that President Joe Biden plans to propose the addition of new permanent members to the UNSC during the upcoming UN General Assembly session.

Currently, the UNSC’s list of permanent members includes Russia, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and China, while ten non-permanent members lack veto power. The last expansion of the UNSC took place in 1965 when the number of non-permanent members increased from 6 to 10. Now, the proposal is to add permanent members to this influential body.

Among the potential candidates for permanent membership are Germany, India, Japan, Brazil, and South Africa. The first two nations are allies of the United States, while the others are part of the BRICS group.

“The United States has commitments to its allies, Germany and Japan. Extending this invitation to the UNSC is a gesture aimed at solidifying their loyalty to Washington… It has been a long time coming, and now the West, led by the United States, seeks to use Tokyo and Berlin to contain China and Russia within the framework of the United Nations,” commented Andrey Maximov, Vice President of the Russian Association of Political Consultants, to Baltnews.

Washington’s strategy involves, by bringing Japan and Germany into the fold, adding India, which has longstanding territorial disputes with China, as well as Brazil and South Africa, which are generally uncontroversial candidates. Hence, there is a chance that all parties involved may agree to this expansion.

The primary motivation behind this initiative, as emphasized by Andrey Maximov, is the upcoming U.S. elections. “Western media resources, especially those in the United States, allow victories to be made almost out of thin air, and when there’s an opportunity to present an achievement like expanding the UNSC, Biden will be portrayed as a hero. At least they will attempt to, as he needs to justify his candidacy for the U.S. elections,” noted the expert.

However, any decision to expand the UNSC will require consensus among all permanent members, a formidable challenge. Therefore, President Biden’s proposal will initiate a complex process of seeking compromise, without which reforming the UN’s structure will be impossible.

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