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Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel responds to evacuation and casualty concerns


The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel has been actively processing over a thousand applications from concerned Ukrainians as the conflict in the region intensifies. Tragically, another Ukrainian citizen has been confirmed as a casualty, raising the total number of fatalities to three. Furthermore, nine individuals sustained injuries, while six remain unaccounted for.

The situation has left nearly 700 Ukrainians stranded in Israel due to canceled flights. In response, authorities are urgently coordinating efforts to ensure their safe return to Ukraine. Additionally, 170 Ukrainians have expressed their deep concern and desire to evacuate from the conflict-affected Gaza Strip.

While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is making every possible effort to facilitate evacuations, the perilous circumstances on the ground make this a challenging endeavor. The ongoing conflict in the region has only exacerbated the difficulties surrounding these evacuation efforts.

As the conflict continues, the safety and well-being of Ukrainian citizens in Israel and the Gaza Strip remain of paramount importance to the Ukrainian government. Efforts are underway to assess the situation and to secure safe passage for those in distress.

International organizations and diplomatic channels are actively involved in facilitating evacuations and providing support to those affected by the escalating conflict. The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel is closely collaborating with these entities to ensure the safety and repatriation of its citizens.

The situation serves as a stark reminder of the urgency of peace and diplomacy to end the conflict and secure the safety of civilians caught in the crossfire. As the world watches the evolving situation, international efforts continue to be dedicated to mitigating the humanitarian crisis and finding a resolution to the conflict that has claimed lives and disrupted the lives of countless people.

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