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Ukrainian military destroys Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter on Bahmut front today


In a significant development on the Bahmut front, Ukrainian military forces successfully neutralized a Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter early this morning.

According to official reports, the Ukrainian armed forces detected and engaged the hostile aircraft, swiftly taking action to eliminate the threat posed by the Russian Ka-52 helicopter. The helicopter, which was deployed by Russian forces, was reportedly attempting to attack Ukrainian forces and engage in aggressive maneuvers.

This incident marks a notable achievement for the Ukrainian military in their ongoing efforts to safeguard the nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The successful interception and destruction of the Russian helicopter serve as a testament to the preparedness and determination of the Ukrainian armed forces.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has commended the swift and effective response of its troops in thwarting the hostile incursion. This development underscores the significance of advanced intelligence and surveillance capabilities, which have enabled Ukrainian forces to promptly identify and address potential threats to national security.

The destruction of the Russian Ka-52 helicopter serves as a reminder of the critical role that military intelligence and strategic planning play in ensuring the safety and stability of the region.

Repordadly with an RBS-70, one of the pilots ejected, the other one died.

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