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Ukrainian General confirms receipt of US cluster munitions, drawing International attention


Kyiv, Ukraine – In a groundbreaking revelation, a Ukrainian general confirmed to CNN that Ukraine has received a shipment of controversial cluster munitions from the United States. Brig. Gen. Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, commander of the Tavria Joint Forces Operation, disclosed this information during an exclusive interview with CNN’s Alex Marquardt, shedding light on the recent development that has garnered international attention.

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The arrival of the American cluster munitions in Ukraine had not been previously reported, adding an element of surprise to the disclosure. Gen. Tarnavskyi expressed optimism about the potential impact of these munitions, stating that they have the potential to “radically change the battlefield.” He further emphasized that the possession of these munitions would provide Ukraine with a crucial advantage, compelling the enemy to relinquish territorial control.

Despite acknowledging the power of cluster munitions, Gen. Tarnavskyi highlighted the strict restrictions imposed on their use. He stressed that the Ukrainian forces are committed to avoiding the deployment of these munitions in heavily populated areas, irrespective of whether they are under Russian occupation. The United States has received written assurances from Ukraine that the cluster munitions will not be used in civilian-inhabited regions and that their use will be closely monitored for future de-mining operations.

Gen. Tarnavskyi’s comments also revealed that the Russian military harbors misconceptions about Ukraine’s intentions with the cluster munitions. He affirmed that the Russian belief that these munitions would be employed across all frontlines is incorrect, further fueling concerns among the Russian forces.

The decision to provide Ukraine with cluster munitions was justified by the United States based on Kyiv’s limited supply of standard artillery rounds. US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan clarified that the supply of cluster munitions is temporary and will cease once Ukraine achieves self-sufficiency in producing unitary rounds. However, Sullivan refrained from providing a specific timeline for this transition.

Cluster munitions have long been a subject of controversy due to their widespread impact on civilian populations. These weapons consist of canisters that disperse multiple smaller bomblets, designed to cause extensive damage to troops and armored vehicles. More than 100 nations have banned cluster munitions, citing the inherent risk they pose to non-combatants. It is notable that Russia, which has recently invaded Ukraine, has employed these munitions despite the global ban.

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The revelation of the United States supplying cluster munitions to Ukraine has sparked international attention and raised concerns about the potential humanitarian implications. As the situation continues to evolve, the world watches closely to see how Ukraine and its allies navigate the complexities surrounding the use of such controversial weaponry. is dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date news on internet-related topics, offering comprehensive coverage of important global events.

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