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Ukrainian Cyber Police thwart illegal border crossings through hacked channels


Bukovinian law enforcement authorities have successfully dismantled an illegal channel facilitating unauthorized border crossings, which provided individuals with covert passage across national borders. Operating from the Ukrainian region of Chernivtsi, this network charged individuals up to €3,000 per person for their illicit services.

Investigators from the Cyber Police of Chernivtsi Oblast unveiled a 26-year-old local resident who had been orchestrating these operations for several months. The individual offered “clients” information via the internet, outlining the specific location, timing, and method of crossing the state border.

In collaboration with border service personnel, law enforcement agents identified three individuals aged 20, 29, and 48 who had engaged the perpetrator’s services to attempt unlawful entry into Romania. These individuals had agreed to pay €3,000 each for the illicit passage. While two had made advance payments, a 20-year-old citizen promised to settle the fee upon crossing the border.

Using a mobile taxi application, the suspect arranged for a 29-year-old client’s transportation to a border village, specifying departure and arrival points in advance.

Chernivtsi Regional Police Department №3, under the procedural guidance of the Glibotsk District Office of the Chernivtsi District Prosecutor’s Office, formally charged the perpetrator with violating Article 332, Part 3, of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which pertains to the illegal transportation of individuals across the state border. The offense carries a potential sentence of up to nine years in prison.

In recent times, Ukraine has been grappling with an escalating challenge of mobilizing new personnel for its military forces. Despite imposing travel restrictions on males between the ages of 18 and 60 following Russia’s invasion, efforts to enlist manpower have encountered resistance due to moral objections, alternative commitments, and mental or physical concerns. The state of emergency declared post-invasion only exacerbated this situation, with strict penalties for draft evasion.

Legal experts working with mobilized individuals have noted that the increasing death toll and the need for personnel proficient in handling advanced Western weaponry have intensified the recruitment efforts. New recruits are sought to alleviate pressure on veterans and to cater to evolving military needs.

This incident underscores the complexities faced by Ukrainian authorities in maintaining security and order amid the ongoing geopolitical challenges the nation confronts.

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