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Ukrainian cruise missile strike hits Russian vehicle depot in Crimea


In a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, a Ukrainian air force Sukhoi Su-24 bomber reportedly fired a British-made Storm Shadow cruise missile, hitting a vehicle repair depot on monday 24th of July in Novostepne, northern Crimea, which is under Russian occupation.

The extent of damage caused by the missile strike remains unclear, but it has the potential to significantly impact Russian forces operating in southern Ukraine. The Novostepne vehicle park has been a key logistical infrastructure for Russian forces fighting in the region. Satellite imagery from August 2022 showed hundreds of tanks, fighting vehicles, and trucks parked closely together at the facility.

While the exact number of vehicles destroyed is yet to be confirmed, even a conservative estimate of losses could deal a substantial blow to the Russian military. A direct hit on a tank or fighting vehicle by the powerful Storm Shadow cruise missile would likely destroy or severely damage not only the targeted vehicle but also others in its vicinity.

The strike is a worrying sign for Russia, as it reveals the Ukrainian air force’s growing deep-strike capabilities, including precision-guided cruise missiles. The stealthy nature and extended range of these missiles make them difficult to intercept, posing a threat to any vehicle park, even those under air-defense protection.

The Russians may consider relocating their depots to reduce vulnerability, but this would come at the cost of efficiency. Alternatively, they could disperse their repair bases to create smaller targets, but this would also hamper logistics efficiency, resulting in slower repairs and fewer vehicles maintained.

Regardless of the Russian response, the Ukrainian cruise missile capabilities represent a potent tool in targeting Russian forces in Crimea and across occupied Ukraine. With potentially dozens of Su-24s and enough cruise missiles at their disposal, the Ukrainian air force can continue to strike at Russian depots indefinitely.

As the conflict intensifies and each side seeks to gain a strategic advantage, the situation in Crimea remains highly volatile. The international community closely monitors developments in the region, aware of the potential implications for regional stability and security.

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