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Ukrainian Army attack in Sevastopol claims Russian submarine: First submarine loss since WW2


Sevastopol, Crimea – In a turn of events, a Ukrainian army attack on Russian navy ships in Sevastopol has resulted in the devastating damage to the Pr. 636.3 “Rostov na Donu” Kalibr-armed submarine. This incident marks a historic moment as it is the first Russian submarine to be lost to enemy actions since World War II.

The attack, which took place overnight, has sent shockwaves throughout the region and raised concerns over escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia. The Pr. 636.3 “Rostov na Donu” submarine, known for its advanced Kalibr missile capabilities, was stationed in Sevastopol, a strategically significant naval base on the Crimean Peninsula.

Details surrounding the attack are still emerging, but reports suggest that the submarine sustained catastrophic damage. This event is a stark reminder that Ukrainian forces are making progess in the region and the consequences of Russian military presence in the Crimea is not without risks anymore.

The loss of the Pr. 636.3 submarine is a significant development, not only due to its advanced weaponry but also because it breaks a nearly eight-decade streak of Russian submarines remaining safe from enemy actions since World War II. The incident underscores the volatility of the situation in Eastern Europe and the risks posed by ongoing geopolitical tensions.

The Ukrainian government has not yet provided an official statement regarding the attack. However, the incident is likely to have far-reaching implications on the already deeply broken relations between Russia and Ukraine.

This historic loss of a Russian submarine to Ukrainian actions since World War II serves as a reminder of the urgent need for peaceful dialogue and conflict resolution to ensure the stability and security of the region. The international community will be closely monitoring developments and hoping for a swift and peaceful resolution to this alarming situation.

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