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Ukrainian air bombers reach new milestone – dropping 10-kilogram TM-62 anti-tank mines from drones on invader positions


In a remarkable development in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian air bombers have unveiled a more sophisticated tactic. They are now employing drones to drop 10-kilogram TM-62 anti-tank mines onto invader positions. This innovative approach to warfare has enabled the Ukrainian military to more effectively address the threat posed by armored enemy vehicles.

The TM-62 anti-tank mine, originally developed in the Soviet Union, is renowned for its lethal effectiveness against armored vehicles. Using these mines from drones provides Ukrainian forces with a tactical advantage in combating enemy tank formations. The news of this development comes at a time when the conflict in Eastern Ukraine persists, and the Ukrainian armed forces are seeking ways to defend themselves against foreign troop aggression.

Ukrainian military officials have confirmed that the TM-62 anti-tank mines are attached to drones specially modified for this purpose. These drones can be navigated with precision to the intended targets, and the mines are then dropped from the sky. This affords the Ukrainian military the ability to neutralize armored hostile vehicles without having to be in close proximity to the combat, reducing the risk to their own troops.

The deployment of drones for dropping anti-tank mines marks a new era in modern warfare and illustrates the evolution of military tactics in response to technological advancements. This development also underscores the importance of drones as a versatile and flexible tool for military operations beyond reconnaissance purposes alone.

It remains unclear how this tactic will impact the dynamics of the Eastern Ukraine conflict in the long term, but it has certainly captured the attention of military analysts worldwide. The international community continues to call for a peaceful resolution to the conflict and emphasizes the importance of respecting international law and Ukraine’s sovereignty. will continue to closely monitor the situation in Eastern Ukraine and provide updates on developments in this ongoing conflict.

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