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Ukraine reclaims control of ‘Boyko towers’ offshore platforms near Crimea


In a dramatic turn of events, Ukraine’s military intelligence agency announced the successful recapture of several offshore drilling platforms in the Black Sea, located near the Crimean Peninsula. These platforms, colloquially referred to as the ‘Boyko Towers,’ had been under Russian occupation since 2015, serving various military purposes, including helicopter landings.

The operation to regain control of these strategic platforms is being hailed as “unique” by the Ukrainian intelligence agency. According to their statement, a crucial phase of the operation witnessed a skirmish between Ukrainian special forces aboard boats and a Russian Su-30 fighter jet. As a result of the confrontation, the Russian aircraft sustained damage and was forced to retreat.

During the operation, Ukrainian forces seized several items, including helicopter ammunition and radar equipment capable of tracking ship movements in the Black Sea. While the exact details regarding casualties and injuries during the operation remain unclear, Ukrainian authorities have not yet verified the complete success of the mission in retaking the platforms.

The ‘Boyko Towers’ hold strategic importance in the Black Sea region, as they are pivotal for offshore gas and oil drilling activities. The platforms had been converted for military purposes under Russian control, making their recapture a significant development for Ukraine.

The situation surrounding the reclamation of these platforms raises questions about the broader geopolitical dynamics in the region. The Ukrainian government has not issued an official statement regarding its future plans for the ‘Boyko Towers,’ but it is likely that the platforms will revert to their original purpose as assets for Ukraine’s energy industry.

International observers and neighboring countries will closely monitor the situation, as it may have far-reaching implications for the ongoing tensions between Ukraine and Russia. The successful recapture of these platforms underscores Ukraine’s determination to protect its territorial integrity and assert its control over key assets in the Black Sea.

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