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Ukraine Cyber Police disrupts fraudulent call centers in three Ukrainian regions


Yesterday the Ukrainian Cyber Police has successfully dismantled the operations of fraudulent call centers across three regions of Ukraine, dealing a blow to a network that preyed on unsuspecting citizens. The masterminds behind these criminal enterprises had set up and operated these call centers in Mykolaiv, Odessa, Dnipro, and Kryvyi Rih. Their operatives gathered confidential information from individuals and lured them into pseudo-investment projects. Law enforcement agents executed a total of eight search warrants to achieve this breakthrough.

Over 400 individuals were employed across these call centers, where operators, leveraging the art of social engineering and carefully crafted communication scripts, used manipulative techniques to gain trust. They approached citizens with offers to invest in fraudulent brokerage projects, or posed as security personnel from banks and mobile operators. In the process, these wrongdoers managed to obtain credit card details and SMS codes, which were subsequently used for fraudulent financial activities.

The extent of the losses incurred by the victims is still under assessment. In response, law enforcement authorities conducted thorough searches at the locations of the call centers. Seized during the operation were nearly 350 units of computer equipment, along with mobile phones, hard drives, SIM cards, and documentation.

As of now, one organizer has been apprehended, responsible for establishing a call center in Mykolaiv. The investigation is ongoing to identify other individuals involved in similar schemes across different regions.

Four criminal cases have been initiated under Article 190, Part 3 (Fraud) of the Ukrainian Criminal Code. If convicted, the offenders could face up to eight years of imprisonment.

The Ukrainian Cyber Police’s decisive action against these fraudulent call centers demonstrates the nation’s commitment to combating cybercrime and enhancing cybersecurity across various sectors. The operation’s success underscores the importance of continued collaboration between law enforcement agencies, cybersecurity experts, and the public in safeguarding the digital landscape. remains dedicated to bringing you the latest developments in cybersecurity and online safety.

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