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Ukraine Cyber Police and DBR expose five criminals in illegal sale of Ukrainian Armed Forces property

2023-09-06 00.03.06

In a joint effort, the Cyber Police and the State Bureau of Investigations (DBR) have uncovered a criminal group involved in the illegal sale of property belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Two individuals, posing as military personnel, exploited their official positions to steal ammunition and other military property from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Subsequently, they handed over the stolen items to three civilian accomplices for resale. The criminals advertised the stolen goods for sale online.

Law enforcement authorities conducted 15 searches, resulting in the seizure of mobile phones, bank cards, computer equipment used by the suspects, financial documentation, military uniforms, sleeping bags, gas masks, military footwear, camouflage suits, underwear, night vision devices, and other military equipment.

A criminal case has been initiated under Article 410, Part 4 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The article carries a penalty of imprisonment for a term ranging from ten to fifteen years.

Investigative actions are currently underway to identify possible accomplices involved in this illicit operation.

This successful operation highlights the Ukrainian authorities’ commitment to combating illegal activities and preserving the integrity of the country’s military assets.

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