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Uganda’s anti-rebel operations claim lives of 567 IS-allied fighters in DR Congo


KAMPALA, Uganda – President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has announced a significant milestone in the fight against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a rebel group associated with the Islamic State (IS). Since December 2021, Ugandan military operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) have resulted in the deaths of 567 ADF fighters, according to President Museveni.

The ADF, which has long operated from the jungles of DR Congo, has posed a threat to both Uganda and its neighbor, DR Congo, through a series of attacks and insurgent activities. With the authorization of the Congolese government, Uganda’s military initiated operations against the ADF with the primary objectives of dismantling their camps and neutralizing their fighters.

President Museveni’s recent announcement highlights the success of these operations. In addition to the 567 ADF fighters killed, the Ugandan forces have apprehended 50 additional individuals associated with the rebel group. Furthermore, they have seized a substantial cache of weaponry and equipment, comprising 167 pieces, including submachine guns and rocket-propelled grenades, thus significantly depleting the ADF’s arsenal.

Addressing the situation, President Museveni emphasized that the ADF finds itself in a dire predicament and asserted that surrender is the only remaining option for the rebel group. He commended the joint efforts of the Ugandan and Congolese military personnel in taking a significant step towards eliminating the threat posed by the ADF.

The ADF’s affiliation with IS has raised concerns about the group’s ability to carry out terrorist activities, making their neutralization a top priority for regional security. Uganda’s decisive actions in collaboration with the DR Congo government reflect a commitment to enhancing regional stability and countering extremist threats.

As the operations against the ADF continue, it remains to be seen how the rebel group will respond to the mounting pressure. The success of Uganda’s military campaign against the ADF is seen as a significant development in the ongoing efforts to maintain security and peace in the Great Lakes region of Africa. The international community will be closely monitoring the situation to assess the impact of these operations on the overall security landscape in the region.

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