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Tragic loss for Ukraine’s Armed Forces, the Death of Major Gennadiy Chastiakov


In a somber official statement released today, Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, expressed his profound grief and sorrow over the tragic loss of his close friend and assistant, Major Gennadiy Chastiakov, who lost his life under heartbreaking circumstances.

Major Chastiakov’s untimely demise occurred on his own birthday, marking a day of celebration that took a devastating turn. An unknown explosive device detonated within one of his birthday gifts, ending the life of a dedicated soldier and leaving behind a grieving family. Major Chastiakov is survived by his wife and four children, who now must bear the weight of this profound loss.

Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhnyi conveyed his deepest condolences to Major Chastiakov’s family, offering solace during this extraordinarily challenging time. The loss of a close friend and trusted assistant is an indescribable pain for Zaluzhnyi, and it also represents a significant blow to the Armed Forces of Ukraine as they continue their unwavering struggle against Russian aggression.

Major Gennadiy Chastiakov, described as a reliable and devoted companion by Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhnyi, had been a steadfast presence from the outset of the full-scale invasion by Russian forces. His dedication to the cause of Ukrainian defense had been unwavering, and his commitment to his duties had been resolute.

As the news of this tragic incident spreads, the causes and circumstances surrounding Major Chastiakov’s death will be subjected to a pre-trial investigation. Ukrainian authorities will work diligently to determine the nature of the explosive device and the circumstances leading to this terrible tragedy.

In a final farewell, Commander-in-Chief Valeriy Zaluzhnyi bid a heartfelt goodbye to his fallen friend, stating, “May he rest in peace!” The loss of Major Gennadiy Chastiakov serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by those who dedicate their lives to the defense of their country, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine grieve not only the loss of a soldier but the loss of a dear friend and comrade. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Major Chastiakov’s grieving family during this difficult time.

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