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Television personality Veikka Joki-Erkkilä sentenced to prison for manufacturing Illegal firearms in Finland


In a recent court ruling in Tampere, Finland, Veikka Joki-Erkkilä, a well-known television personality in Finland from the show “Satuhäät,” has been sentenced to a year and four months in prison for the aggravated crime of manufacturing firearms. The decision was handed down by the Pirkanmaa District Court, which found Joki-Erkkilä guilty of producing weapons using a 3D printer in rented premises located in Nekala, Tampere. He was also ordered to forfeit €10,000 to the state as proceeds from the criminal activity. The court’s ruling was based on charges of severe firearm-related offenses.

According to the Pirkanmaa District Court’s verdict, Joki-Erkkilä manufactured firearms and their components using a 3D printer at his rented facility in Tampere’s Nekala area. The firearms produced were self-loading semiautomatic weapons of the FGC 9 model. A significant portion of the 3D-printed parts matched the specifications of the intended firearm model.

The prosecution argued that the manufactured firearms were highly dangerous, while the court recognized their poor quality. However, it stressed that, if successful, these weapons would have been particularly hazardous.

Each firearm was estimated to have a value of €1,800, and according to the prosecution, at least eight firearms were produced at Joki-Erkkilä’s facility, of which six were sold to individuals who did not possess the necessary permits for their possession.

Law enforcement authorities confiscated weapons in Tampere and Hyvinkää. Although there were suspicions of one firearm being sold in Oulu, the evidence presented in court was not deemed sufficiently convincing, leading to the dismissal of the charge. Two firearms were found at Joki-Erkkilä’s manufacturing site.

The court established that Joki-Erkkilä had rented the premises and acquired multiple 3D printers for the purpose of manufacturing firearms.

While Joki-Erkkilä admitted to possessing two self-manufactured FGC 9 firearms, he denied the other charges brought against him. Nevertheless, the Pirkanmaa District Court found him guilty of the aforementioned crime.

In the same ruling, two other individuals were sentenced to 70-day fines, amounting to €420 each. One was convicted of aiding in the illegal manufacturing of firearms, while the other was found guilty of a firearm-related offense. The charges against one individual were dismissed.

It is important to note that the verdict is not yet legally binding.

Veikka Joki-Erkkilä gained public attention as a participant in the popular TV show “Satuhäät” ten years ago. The show was filmed in the summer of 2013, and the episode featuring Joki-Erkkilä aired in January of the following year.

Joki-Erkkilä and his wife filed for divorce only six months after their marriage, following their appearance on the show.

Please be advised that the information provided in this news article is based on the court’s ruling and publicly available information.

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