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Tanzania denies wildlife smuggling claims to the UAE


DAR ES SALAAM – The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) has firmly denied allegations of allowing the smuggling of wildlife from northern Tanzania to Middle Eastern countries, specifically the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The denial comes in response to claims circulating on social media that wild animals were being illicitly trafficked via cargo planes from Loliondo, located near the renowned Serengeti National Park.

These allegations raised concerns about the welfare of Tanzania’s precious wildlife and its conservation efforts, prompting the aviation authority to address the situation promptly.

According to the reports, a cargo plane allegedly transporting wildlife was said to have been sighted on August 26. However, the TCAA vehemently disputed this claim, asserting that the last recorded flight to Loliondo took place on July 19. Furthermore, the TCAA emphasized that Loliondo Airport is not a designated entry or exit point for the transport of wildlife, and its primary purpose is for handling ordinary cargo operations.

In an official statement, the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority categorically labeled the allegations as “completely false” and suggested that these reports were orchestrated with the intent of tarnishing the country’s reputation. The TCAA called upon Tanzanians to disregard such unfounded claims and urged citizens to support the nation’s ongoing efforts in wildlife conservation.

Tanzania is internationally recognized for its rich biodiversity and is home to a wide variety of unique and endangered species. The government has made significant strides in recent years to combat wildlife trafficking and poaching, implementing stringent measures to protect these vital resources.

The TCAA’s swift denial underscores Tanzania’s commitment to upholding its conservation efforts and maintaining the integrity of its aviation operations. As the nation continues to work toward safeguarding its natural treasures, it remains essential to rely on accurate information and official statements to ensure that the true nature of such allegations is properly understood.

The wildlife of Tanzania is a national treasure, and any claims of illicit trafficking should be thoroughly investigated and addressed through proper channels to protect the country’s valuable natural heritage.

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