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Support and help fight online scams


At, we tirelessly work to keep our platform running smoothly, but maintaining a website of this caliber comes with numerous costs. From server maintenance to cybersecurity measures, every aspect requires financial investment to ensure we can continue our mission effectively.

You can support us in our efforts by considering sponsorship. One way to contribute is through a donation in Cardano, a cryptocurrency known for its security and efficiency. Your generosity will directly contribute to our ongoing operations, including our vital work in combating online scams and providing free access to news that might otherwise be behind paywalls on other websites.

In addition to our scam-fighting initiatives and news coverage, offers an extensive forum and a plethora of resources for our community. Your support enables us to maintain these valuable services and continue our commitment to promoting a safer and more informed online environment.

If you’d like to make a contribution in Cardano, you can send it to the following wallet address:

Wallet Address: addr1q9d3j25cklmsy5j3zn0w3vuwl3wzm6ycgy3yxs0k44vyp0j8js97tr4scwy67ejeh5k5rzhj5xtak3ag5242s09utrrsf5szjt

Your support means the world to us and strengthens our ability to make a difference in the digital landscape. Thank you for considering supporting Together, we can continue to fight scams and promote a safer online community for all.

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