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Sudan’s General al-Burhan engages in Diplomatic talks with Eritrea’s President Afwerki


Sudan’s military leader, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, embarked on a significant diplomatic mission as he arrived in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, to hold an official meeting with President Isaias Afwerki. The visit marks an important step towards addressing the ongoing conflicts and fostering closer ties between the two nations.

An official statement released by the Sudanese government confirmed that the discussions between General al-Burhan and President Afwerki would encompass a range of topics, including bilateral issues, the current situation in Sudan, and matters of mutual interest. However, the statement did not provide specific details about the agenda of the meeting.

This visit to Eritrea is the latest in a series of diplomatic engagements for General al-Burhan, who has been actively seeking regional support and cooperation since Sudan plunged into conflict in April of this year. Previously, the Sudanese leader made trips to South Sudan, Egypt, and most recently Qatar as part of his diplomatic outreach efforts.

One notable development in the lead-up to the visit was General al-Burhan’s decision, on September 2, to order the reopening of Sudan’s border crossings with Eritrea. He emphasized that this move was aimed at promoting trade and facilitating the movement of people between the two countries. This decision underscores the importance of regional cooperation in resolving conflicts and fostering economic development.

The Sudanese conflict has had far-reaching implications for the region, with neighboring countries like Eritrea closely monitoring the situation. The visit to Asmara signals a commitment to regional stability and cooperation, as both leaders seek common ground to address the complex issues that have emerged during the crisis.

Sudan’s General al-Burhan and Eritrea’s President Afwerki are expected to engage in frank and constructive discussions during their meeting. The international community will be watching closely, hoping that this diplomatic initiative will contribute to a peaceful resolution of the conflicts in Sudan and pave the way for increased collaboration between these two neighboring nations.

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