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Signal enhances user privacy: Introduces usernames to safeguard phone numbers


In a bid to prioritize user privacy, Signal has rolled out a significant update that ensures your phone number remains private by default. The messaging app, known for its commitment to security, has implemented changes to allow users more control over their personal information.

New default privacy setting
Effective immediately, Signal users will experience a default setting change: their phone numbers will no longer be visible to everyone they chat with on the platform. This means that, unless someone has your number saved in their phone contacts, they won’t have access to your phone number through Signal.

Connect without sharing phone numbers
Signal now offers an innovative solution for those who wish to keep their phone numbers confidential while communicating on the platform. Users can create a unique username to replace their phone number when initiating conversations. It’s important to note that this username is not a permanent handle, nor is it visible to others in Signal chats; it simply serves as a means to connect without revealing your phone number.

Enhanced privacy controls
To further bolster user privacy, Signal introduces an optional setting that allows individuals to control who can find them on the platform using their phone number. By enabling this privacy feature, users can restrict access so that only those with their unique username can initiate conversations or even discover the existence of their Signal account.

Usernames: A game-changer for Signal
Traditionally, sharing a phone number has been a prerequisite for connecting on Signal. With the introduction of usernames, this dynamic has changed. Users can now connect on Signal without divulging their phone numbers, with the only requirement being a phone number for initial registration.

Usernames offer a new way to start conversations on Signal, providing an added layer of privacy and security. Rather than sharing your phone number, you can now provide your username, or generate a QR code or link that directs others to your username, simplifying the process of connecting on Signal while maintaining control over your personal information. This update aligns with Signal’s commitment to offering a secure and private messaging experience for its users.

For more information on these privacy updates, visit Signal’s official blog: Signal Blog.

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