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Scammed over 100 people collecting funds for Aid to Ukrainian Armed Forces


Ukrainian Police expose group of Criminals in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

According to preliminary estimates, the total amount of damages inflicted on the victims could exceed 2 million hryvnias. Four residents of Dnipropetrovsk and Kirovohrad Oblasts are involved in the illegal activities.

They sought announcements on social media platforms for collecting money to aid the Ukrainian Armed Forces and support the treatment of injured soldiers. Using fake accounts on social networks, the perpetrators posed as employees of a payment organization and offered to facilitate a money transfer from Poland.

Under the guise of converting Polish zlotys to hryvnias, the criminals provided a specific algorithm of actions, obtained personal and banking information from citizens, and then misappropriated funds from the victims’ accounts.

Law enforcement authorities conducted searches at the suspects’ places of residence and in their vehicles. Currently, the question of applying pretrial detention as a preventive measure is being addressed.

The scammers specifically targeted individuals who expressed their desire to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces and donated money for this cause. By taking advantage of people’s goodwill and trust, they orchestrated an elaborate scheme to deceive and defraud the unsuspecting victims.

The investigation revealed that the group meticulously planned their fraudulent activities, using social media as a platform to reach potential donors. Their fake accounts presented a facade of legitimacy, with seemingly credible offers to facilitate money transfers from Poland.

Once victims provided their personal and banking details, the criminals swiftly exploited this information to drain funds from their accounts. The scam affected over 100 individuals who had intended their contributions to benefit the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Local law enforcement agencies, aided by their counterparts from neighboring regions, initiated a joint operation to expose the criminal network. Search operations were conducted at various locations associated with the suspects, leading to the seizure of evidence relevant to the investigation.

The police emphasized the importance of remaining cautious while engaging in online transactions or making donations, urging the public to verify the authenticity of individuals or organizations involved in fundraising efforts. They also advised individuals to refrain from sharing sensitive personal and financial information without proper verification.

The suspects now face charges related to fraud and illegal appropriation of funds. If convicted, they could face severe penalties, including imprisonment.

Law enforcement authorities are working diligently to ensure a comprehensive investigation, and the collected evidence will be presented before the court to establish the guilt of the accused individuals.

The exposure of this criminal group serves as a reminder for both individuals and organizations to exercise caution and due diligence when participating in online financial transactions or contributing to charitable causes. By raising awareness and implementing stringent security measures, the risk of falling victim to such scams can be significantly reduced.

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