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SBU and Navy launch coordinated strike on Saki Military Airfield in occupied Crimea


Crimea – In a daring nighttime operation, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Ukrainian Navy launched a precision strike on the Saki military airfield, located in occupied Crimea. Sources within the SBU have reported significant damage to the equipment used by the occupiers, marking a notable development in the ongoing tensions in the region.

The targeted military airfield reportedly housed a substantial number of aircraft, including at least 12 Su-24 and Su-30 fighter jets. Additionally, the facility served as a training ground for operators of Mojaher Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), adding to its strategic importance for the occupying forces.

The attack on the Saki military airfield was carried out using a combination of drones and a Neptune missile, demonstrating a high level of coordination and precision by Ukrainian forces. The assault has sent a clear message about Ukraine’s resolve to defend its territory and challenge the occupation of Crimea.

While the full extent of the damage to the airfield and its assets remains undisclosed, this operation marks a significant blow to the occupiers’ military capabilities in the region. The destruction of a considerable number of fighter aircraft and potential disruption of UAV operations will undoubtedly impact their strategic positioning.

The Saki military airfield has long been a point of contention in the region, symbolizing the broader conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The recent strike highlights the intensification of hostilities and the ongoing struggle for control of Crimea.

As the situation unfolds, will closely monitor developments and provide updates on the aftermath of this nighttime strike and its potential implications for the broader geopolitical landscape.

According to journalists, the airfield was hit by drones and Neptune missiles. At that moment, there were about 12 Su-24 and Su-30 aircraft, as well as Pantsir MANPADS. And there is also a training base for Mojaher UAV operators, which are used to attack Ukraine.

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