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Saudi Arabia to host Ukraine peace talks


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia is set to play a pivotal role in hosting peace talks aimed at finding a resolution to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict. The talks, scheduled for early August, will bring together representatives from Western nations, Ukraine, and major developing countries, including India and Brazil. This diplomatic initiative, excluding Russia, is part of a concerted effort by Western powers to garner international support for peace terms favoring Ukraine.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, the meeting is expected to convene senior officials from up to 30 countries, including Indonesia, Egypt, Mexico, Chile, and Zambia. The city of Jeddah will be the venue for the crucial discussions on August 5th and 6th. Diplomats closely involved in the negotiations have indicated that Ukraine and Western officials are optimistic that these talks will pave the way for international backing of peace agreements that will favor Ukraine’s interests.

The situation in the region has been highly contentious, with Russia claiming to have annexed a significant portion of Ukrainian territory. The Kremlin has suggested that peace talks with Ukraine are only feasible if Kyiv accepts what it refers to as “new realities,” a thinly veiled reference to Russia’s territorial ambitions. In contrast, Ukraine has insisted that meaningful negotiations with Russia can only occur once Moscow withdraws its troops from the occupied regions.

While the list of participating countries has not been finalized, those invited include several nations that took part in a similar round of talks in Copenhagen back in June. The report suggests that many of these countries are expected to attend the upcoming meeting in Saudi Arabia, demonstrating their commitment to finding a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

Confirmed attendees for the talks include Britain, South Africa, Poland, and representatives from the European Union. Additionally, the United States’ national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, is expected to be present, underscoring the importance the U.S. places on achieving stability in the region.

By hosting this crucial round of peace talks, Saudi Arabia positions itself as an instrumental player in facilitating dialogue between the concerned parties. The involvement of key developing countries, such as India and Brazil, underscores the global significance of the Ukraine-Russia conflict and its potential ramifications on the broader international community.

The talks in Jeddah represent a strategic move by Western powers to garner support from the Global South, demonstrating their commitment to finding a peaceful resolution in Ukraine. The international community will be closely monitoring the outcomes of the upcoming meeting as efforts continue to de-escalate tensions and find a path towards sustainable peace in the region.

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