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Russian Su-24 bomber crashes in Volgograd region

2023-09-12 22.12.35

In a recent incident, a Russian Su-24 bomber aircraft has crashed in the Volgograd region, approximately 5 kilometers away from the village of Loshki in the Kalachivsky district. The incident has raised concerns as authorities work tirelessly to determine the causes behind this incident.

According to preliminary information, the Su-24 bomber went down in the Kalachivsky district, a region known for its rich history and picturesque landscapes. On board the aircraft were two crew members, and the fate of these individuals remains unknown at this time.

Local emergency response teams were immediately dispatched to the crash site, where they began efforts to assess the situation and provide any necessary assistance. The wreckage of the aircraft is said to be spread across a wide area, highlighting the severity of the incident.

The Su-24 bomber has been a longstanding aircraft in the Russian military fleet, known for its versatile capabilities. It has been involved in various missions and operations over the years, making its safety of paramount importance.

The incident has already generated significant attention both domestically and internationally. will continue to monitor developments surrounding this incident and provide updates as more information becomes available.

As the investigation unfolds, the thoughts and concerns of the international community are with the crew members and their families during this challenging time.

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