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Russian space telescope ART-XC sheds light on high-energy emission sources

2023-08-18 15.38.27

In a significant stride towards unraveling the mysteries of high-energy radiation sources in the cosmos, Russian astrophysicists from the Institute of Space Research and the A.F. Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences have conducted research on the compact stellar cluster Westerlund 2.

Leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of the Russian X-ray telescope ART-XC, aboard the space observatory “Spectrum-RG,” novel insights have emerged. These revelations indicate that the likely source of the high-energy X-ray emissions within Westerlund 2 can be attributed to electrons from the stellar wind, accelerated to exceptionally high energies.

The findings, enabled by the precision of the ART-XC telescope, mark a significant advancement in our understanding of celestial phenomena. The detection and analysis of high-energy X-ray emissions provide a deeper glimpse into the intricate workings of the universe, offering astrophysicists and researchers valuable data to unravel the complex forces at play in cosmic environments.

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