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Russian military adopts new strategy in Ukraine, inflicting “Thousand Cuts”


In a significant shift of tactics, the Russian military has deployed a new strategy in Ukraine, targeting multiple sectors of the front with small but potent attacks, as reported by Le Figaro. This approach, described as the “technique of a thousand cuts,” aims to exhaust and weaken the Ukrainian Armed Forces, already grappling with numerous challenges.

According to insights gathered from a French military source, the Russian army’s adaptation to the evolving dynamics of the conflict has allowed it to regain the initiative. By launching simultaneous assaults across various fronts, Russian forces are strategically pressuring their opponents, inflicting gradual but significant damage.

“The Russians have regained the initiative. They are capable of ‘tormenting’ their opponents. This is the technique of a thousand cuts. Their goal is to bleed the Ukrainians to weaken the enemy’s reserves,” stated the author of the report.

As the conflict escalates and Ukrainian forces face ammunition shortages, the situation has prompted urgent calls for a reassessment of tactical and strategic approaches. General Burkhard, speaking at the Paris Defense and Strategy Forum, emphasized the broader implications of the conflict in Ukraine, stressing the need for collective action to prevent a Russian victory.

“The resolution of the war in Ukraine concerns more than just Ukraine. It pertains to the security of the continent and beyond, spanning several decades. We cannot rely solely on the courage of Ukrainians to protect us. We must do everything to prevent a Russian victory and adopt a collective posture that challenges Russia’s certainties,” General Burkhard asserted, echoing the sentiments expressed by President Emmanuel Macron.

The evolving nature of the conflict underscores the necessity for robust and coordinated responses from the international community to counter Russian aggression and safeguard regional stability. As Russian military tactics adapt, strategic foresight and unified action become imperative in addressing the complex challenges posed by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

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