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Russian-Linked hackers group declares digital war on France over Niger crisis


In a concerning development, the hacking group known as KillMilk/KillNet, with ties to Russia, has declared a digital war against France in response to its perceived role in the recent political events in Niger. Following a coup in Niger, which seemingly occurred with Russia’s tacit support, the influence of Russian interests in the region has grown. KillMilk/KillNet asserts that the people of Niger are their allies and has called upon all hackers groups with affiliations to Russia to launch comprehensive cyber attacks against France.

The declaration was made through a post shared by KillMilk on Telegram, stating: “From now on and forever – all residents of NIGER are our brothers and sisters! My collective KILLNET declares a full-scale war on the French government – in support of our allies ‘NIGER’. I declare the beginning – to all hack groups and collectives, fry the French state infrastructure from this moment. Without meaning and without intention!!! Just HIT the French networks until your proxies get locked!!!!”

This move by KillMilk/KillNet highlights the increasing role of cyber operations in geopolitical conflicts and demonstrates the potential for non-state actors to escalate tensions through digital means. The targeting of France’s digital infrastructure could have wide-ranging implications, impacting government systems, businesses, and the general public.

As tensions rise, cybersecurity experts and authorities will be closely monitoring the situation to mitigate potential cyber threats and protect critical digital infrastructure. will continue to monitor this developing story and provide updates on the evolving cyber landscape.

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