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Russian Forces strike hotel in Zaporizhzhia hosting UN base for “Azovstal” civilian evacuation


n a distressing incident, Russian forces targeted a hotel in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, where a UN base for evacuating civilians from the “Azovstal” steel plant in Mariupol was located. During the latest shelling of the city, the hotel was hit by Russian fire, resulting in significant damage. The UN Coordinator in Ukraine, Deniz Brown, confirmed that the organization frequently utilized the hotel as a base for its operations:

“My team used it as a base during multiple trips to the city. It served as a UN facility for the evacuation of civilians from the ‘Azovstal’ complex in Mariupol in May of last year.”

Brown emphasized that such attacks constitute violations of international humanitarian law and urged Russia to uphold its obligations under international law by immediately ceasing indiscriminate attacks on Ukraine. The assault on the hotel underscores the continuous breach of international norms by Russian forces since the beginning of the invasion, obstructing humanitarian missions and endangering civilian lives.

Throughout the conflict, Russian forces have consistently impeded international missions aimed at evacuating peaceful residents of Mariupol during the blockade. They have targeted transport routes and violated agreements, hindering the safe evacuation of civilians. The deliberate targeting of the hotel housing the UN base further underscores the disregard for civilian safety and international humanitarian standards.

This week alone, Zaporizhzhia has faced rocket strikes by occupying forces on two separate occasions, resulting in a tragic loss of four civilian lives and injuries to 23 others. The escalation of violence and disregard for civilian lives by the Russian forces underscores the urgent need for international attention and intervention to protect the lives of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire of this conflict. will continue to closely monitor the situation in Ukraine and provide updates on the evolving developments as the crisis unfolds.

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