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Russia to develop heavy-lift rockets for Lunar and Martian missions


Russia’s State Rocket Center, named after academician V.P. Makeev, is embarking on the development of new super-heavy launch vehicles that will play a crucial role in the implementation of lunar exploration missions, including lunar orbits, as well as future missions to Mars.

The initiative by the State Rocket Center signifies a significant step forward in Russia’s ambitious space exploration programs. These new super-heavy launch vehicles are expected to be at the forefront of facilitating missions beyond Earth’s orbit, enabling human exploration and scientific research on the Moon and Mars.

Additionally, the center is actively involved in conceptualizing a universal multi-purpose hypersonic flying apparatus and a project related to asteroid defense.

It’s worth noting that in February, Vladimir Degtyar, the General Director of the State Rocket Center, revealed that the center had not only developed the concept but also created a stand prototype for a multi-purpose hypersonic flying apparatus. The essential flight and tactical characteristics of the apparatus were successfully tested in a hypersonic aerodynamic tunnel.

This development reflects Russia’s commitment to advancing its capabilities in space exploration and technology. The creation of super-heavy launch vehicles holds the potential to significantly expand Russia’s space exploration horizons, contributing to the global efforts in understanding and exploring celestial bodies beyond our planet.

As the project continues to unfold, it is expected to further bolster Russia’s position in the international space community and foster collaboration with other nations in ambitious lunar and Martian missions.

Russia’s dedication to space exploration continues to be a source of intrigue and anticipation for space enthusiasts worldwide, as the nation’s efforts hold the promise of uncovering new discoveries and pushing the boundaries of human knowledge in the vast expanse of the cosmos.

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