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Russia deploys 100,000 troops in a bid to breakthrough Kharkiv region, Kyiv raises alarm

russia_soldiers_05092023_AP_ – In a startling development, the Ukrainian army has reported that Russia has amassed an estimated 100,000 troops, along with 900 tanks and 555 artillery systems, as it seeks to break through Kyiv’s defenses in the Kharkiv region. This move comes in response to Ukraine’s recent successes in the Bakhmut region, where Kyiv managed to regain control after Russian occupation.

According to Ukraine’s Army Command East spokesman, Serhiy Cherevatyi, Moscow’s forces have been intensifying their efforts to probe Kyiv’s defenses in the east, particularly in the direction of Kupiansk, a city located in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region. Kupiansk holds strategic importance as a logistics hub and supply route that was previously under Russian control until it was recaptured by Kyiv during its counteroffensive last fall.

General Oleksandr Syrsky, the Ukrainian Army Land Forces Commander, confirmed that Russia has concentrated its forces in the Kupiansk direction, indicating a clear intention to launch an attack. However, despite their efforts, Russian troops have thus far been unable to breach Ukrainian defenses.

Ukraine’s successful operations in the Bakhmut region, where Kyiv regained control and secured the high ground around the devastated city, have raised concerns in Moscow. President Vladimir Putin is reportedly seeking a significant victory to regain momentum, leading Russia to reinforce its positions in the area.

Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister, Hanna Maliar, supported the notion that Russia’s recent movements were aimed at distracting Ukrainian forces from their advances. She stated, “As soon as we seize the operational initiative and begin to advance, the enemy immediately activates in additional directions to distract and draw our forces there.”

The situation remains tense as Ukraine prepares to defend its positions in the Kharkiv region and prevent any potential breakthrough by Russian forces. The international community continues to closely monitor the escalating tensions in the region and calls for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. will provide updates on the situation as it unfolds, keeping readers informed about the latest developments and their potential implications for regional stability.

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