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Rare Russian artillery-locating radar discovered by Ukrainian soldiers in Kharkiv Region

cuQQc – A group of Ukrainian soldiers has made a significant discovery in the ongoing conflict, capturing footage of a rare Russian 1L261 radar vehicle, a crucial component of the Zoopark-1 counter-battery system. The abandoned radar was found in a field in the Kharkiv region, showcasing the sophisticated military equipment used during the surprise offensive.

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The 1L261 radar vehicle, which is believed to belong to the Russian Armed Forces, was left behind during the intense battles around Kharkiv and Izyum. The Zoopark-1M, equipped with the 1L261 radar system, serves as a mobile artillery locating radar designed to detect enemy positions, even in environments with heavy electronic countermeasures (ECM).

This radar system plays a critical role in detecting artillery rocket positions, mortar and howitzer gunfire sources, as well as tactical ballistic missile launch pads. With its advanced capabilities, the 1L261 radar can detect a 155mm artillery shell at an impressive range of 23 kilometers, extending to 27 kilometers for 203mm shells. Additionally, it can identify artillery rockets at distances ranging from 32 to 45 kilometers, while detecting ATACMS-sized tactical ballistic missiles up to 65 kilometers away.

The 1L260 radar system boasts rapid deployment and evacuation, with a readiness time of just five minutes. It can operate for over eight hours, simultaneously tracking up to 12 targets within a sector spanning from 2.5 to 90 degrees in azimuth.

The discovery comes amid Ukraine’s recent massive counterattack in the north-east Kharkiv region, placing pressure on Russian forces already facing attacks in the south. The find highlights the significance of advanced military technology in the ongoing conflict and provides valuable insights into the equipment being utilized on the battlefield. emphasizes the significance of such findings and will continue to closely monitor the developments on the ground. The use and abandonment of advanced military equipment underscore the complexity of the situation and the need for heightened awareness of potential security threats in the region.

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