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Putin showcases Russian Naval might and announces addition of 30 new ships


Moscow, Russia – In a display of military prowess, President Vladimir Putin led a grand parade of warships and nuclear submarines in his hometown of St Petersburg on Sunday, marking Russia’s annual Navy Day celebration. During the event, President Putin revealed plans to bolster the Russian Navy with the acquisition of 30 new ships this year.

The impressive spectacle featured a total of 45 ships, submarines, and various vessels, sailing through the Gulf of Finland and along the River Neva in St Petersburg. Additionally, approximately 3,000 navy personnel participated in a land parade, highlighting Russia’s commitment to its maritime policy.

Accompanied by Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu and Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, the head of the Navy, President Putin embarked on a launch boat on the Neva to inspect some of the showcased vessels before delivering a noteworthy speech. He expressed confidence in Russia’s ongoing efforts to execute its national maritime strategy, emphasizing the consistent strengthening of the country’s Navy.

President Putin’s announcement of the acquisition of 30 new ships of diverse classes signifies a significant step forward in enhancing Russia’s naval capabilities. The move underscores the nation’s commitment to maintaining a formidable naval presence and reinforcing its maritime interests on the global stage.

However, amidst the display of Russian naval might, President Putin refrained from delving into specifics regarding Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine, avoiding any substantive comments on the matter.

In a testament to Russia’s growing diplomatic relations, four African heads of state were in attendance at the event, with five other African nations sending their representatives. Their presence followed the conclusion of the Russia-Africa summit in St Petersburg on the previous Friday, where delegates discussed critical issues such as grain supplies and potential peace talks concerning Ukraine.

With the showcase of naval power and the announcement of new ship acquisitions, Russia is positioning itself as a formidable force in the maritime domain, while simultaneously engaging with African nations in pursuit of shared interests. As the geopolitical landscape continues to evolve, all eyes remain on Russia’s maritime developments and diplomatic endeavors.

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