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Putin and Kim Jong Un in talks for ammunition supply agreement, reports CNN


Negotiations between Russia and North Korea are actively progressing towards a potential deal involving the supply of a significant quantity of artillery shells, as reported by CNN.

In a surprising turn of events, sources reveal that Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are in discussions to establish an agreement concerning the exchange of military ammunition. The talks, which have been ongoing for some time now, could potentially lead to a substantial influx of artillery shells from Russia to North Korea.

The nature of this potential deal has raised concerns among international observers. North Korea is known to possess a substantial stockpile of artillery shells, the conditions of which remain largely undisclosed. If this agreement is finalized, the acquisition of these munitions could significantly bolster Russia’s firepower at a time when the supply of such ammunition to Ukraine from EU countries is reportedly falling behind schedule.

The geopolitical implications of such an agreement cannot be overlooked. The potential increase in North Korea’s artillery capabilities, coupled with Russia’s potential reinforced arsenal, could potentially tip the balance of power in the region. Experts are closely watching these developments as they unfold and assessing the possible consequences for global security dynamics.

It remains uncertain how the international community will respond to this news. The intricate web of diplomatic relationships and security concerns adds complexity to the situation. As the negotiations progress, many are eagerly awaiting further information to better understand the scope and implications of the proposed agreement.

Both Russia and North Korea have not yet released official statements regarding these reports. The international community, however, will be keeping a close eye on any developments that may arise from these delicate negotiations.

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