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PSNI data breach sparks concerns of potential damage and urgent action


A significant data breach within the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has stirred shock and anger among officers due to the unauthorized release of sensitive information, including officers’ names, roles, and base locations. The incident has prompted the Police Federation to demand an urgent inquiry into the matter.

Liam Kelly, Chair of the Police Federation, expressed the need for swift action to address the situation. He called for the involvement of the chief constable and senior colleagues to outline the measures they plan to take in order to contain the potential damage resulting from the breach.

The breach was triggered by a Freedom of Information (FOI) request submitted to the PSNI, seeking information about the number of officers and staff at each rank or grade, differentiating between substantive, temporary, and acting positions as of August 1, 2023. The released spreadsheets did not include officers’ and staff members’ home addresses.

Kelly emphasized the gravity of the breach, labeling it as a “monumental proportions” security lapse. He pointed out that robust safeguards should have been in place to protect such sensitive data. He also highlighted the implications of the information falling into the wrong hands, noting that the potential damage could be “incalculable.”

The Police Federation chair voiced the concerns of the officers, describing them as appalled, shocked, and justifiably angry. He underlined the necessity for immediate action to address this unprecedented disclosure of confidential information.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Todd addressed the situation at a press conference, stating that while every serving police officer and staff member had their data compromised, there were no immediate security concerns arising from the breach. Todd attributed the incident to human error and assured that steps were being taken to prevent its recurrence.

Todd acknowledged that the breach, though regrettable, was ultimately the result of simple human error. He emphasized the need for enhanced oversight of FOI procedures and new safeguards to prevent such incidents in the future.

The PSNI data breach serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of robust data protection measures and diligent oversight to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. is committed to delivering timely updates on cybersecurity incidents and emerging trends in the digital realm.

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