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Poland refutes Belarus claims of border violation by Polish Military helicopter


Warsaw, Poland – The Polish government has vehemently denied Belarus’ allegations of a border violation by a Polish military helicopter, dismissing them as falsehoods and provocations from the Belarusian side. The spokesperson for Poland’s Operational Command of the Armed Forces, Jacek Goriśewski, made this clear in an official statement.

Goriśewski emphasized that such claims made by Belarus were baseless and lacked any merit. He further asserted that Poland’s military command had thoroughly investigated the matter, examining both the pilot’s reports and radar system recordings. The evidence clearly indicated that no breach of the border had occurred.

Belarus had previously accused Poland of violating its airspace with a military helicopter, raising tensions between the two neighboring countries. Poland’s immediate and categorical refutation of these allegations is aimed at dispelling any doubts about its commitment to maintaining the integrity of international borders.

The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing geopolitical tensions in the region and the need for diplomacy and international cooperation to prevent further escalation. Both Poland and Belarus are urged to engage in constructive dialogue to address any concerns and disputes, in the interest of regional stability.

For now, Poland stands firm in denying any wrongdoing and calls for a peaceful resolution to the situation. The international community will be closely monitoring developments in this matter to ensure a peaceful and diplomatic resolution is achieved.


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