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#OpColumbia (Anonymous)


How the Duque regime all but suspended democracy in Colombia

The Anonymous operation #OpColumbia has been started as a reaction due to the dictatorial regime of President Ivan Duque because he is using censorship on social networks, to hide crime and massacres in the streets of Colombian cities they say. The government in Columbia is also using Twitter as a tool to censor and restrict hundreds of accounts, including two #AnonymousColombia accounts. In this operation of the Anonymous hacktivism group several websites of the government where down or has been hacked. Data which is collected from this hacked websites is publised on several media channels under which is Telegram.

The Anonymous hacktivism group started the past period three coordinated cyber attacks against several government website. Based on a statement on Telegram Anonymous shared some pictures. It seems that, among other things, an energy and / or fuel company has been hacked.

Anonymous stated the following on Telegram:

We are here for our 3rd and final Operation Colombia attack :3 In this attack, we’re releasing databases of government websites, and we have carried out attacks on power supply controllers and fueling systems. These attacks have shut down the affected systems~ We are glad to announce this attack comes in cooperation with GhostSec.The leaked databases come from the following websites;

Lots of user data, delicious databases~ ^w^

We hope both you and the Colombian government enjoyed our series of attacks. Although we will move on from this operation, we still stand by org0n and will support from the sidelines when we’re able. We’ll return to our regular malicious hacking now~ owo


Estamos aquí para nuestro tercer y último ataque de la Operación Colombia :3 En este ataque, estamos liberando bases de datos de sitios web del gobierno, y hemos llevado a cabo ataques a los controladores de suministro de energía y sistemas de abastecimiento de combustible. Estos ataques han apagado los sistemas afectados~ Nos complace anunciar que este ataque se realiza en cooperación con GhostSec. Las bases de datos filtradas procedían de los siguientes sitios web

Muchos datos de usuarios, deliciosas bases de datos~ ^w^ Esperamos que tanto ustedes como el gobierno colombiano hayan disfrutado de nuestra serie de ataques. Aunque seguiremos adelante con esta operación, seguimos del lado de org0n y apoyaremos desde la barrera cuando podamos. Ahora volvemos a nuestro hacking malicioso habitual~ owo

Anonymous shared a link to the data which can be downloaded by everyone. We asked for a reaction by Anonymous and the Colombian Government. Both didn’t answered yet.

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