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Non-Profit OSINT community addresses unfounded accusations

feffesfe, a volunteer-run website dedicated to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) information, is taking a stand against recent accusations that have unfairly targeted their integrity and mission. The website, which operates without any profit motive and relies solely on the efforts of dedicated volunteers, is committed to providing valuable OSINT data while safeguarding the privacy of its contributors.

The team at is comprised entirely of volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to maintaining the website and disseminating OSINT information. Importantly, they do so without any external organizational support. The primary reason for this independent approach is their involvement in sensitive environments where personal data sharing could jeopardize their work. To protect their identities, the team operates with pseudonymous accounts.

It is essential to emphasize that has no malicious intent, nor is it their goal to engage in any harmful activities. Their mission revolves around sharing valuable insights and information through their website and social media channels.

Recent days have seen the team at uncover and expose scammers who have been taking advantage of the situation in Ukraine. They have shared these findings through various posts on their platform. Regrettably, these actions have triggered some individuals, including those with substantial followings on Twitter, including within the NAFO organization (we had contact with them, we placed orders overthere and we can proof that), to unjustly accuse of being involved in scams.

What makes this situation particularly unfortunate is that these accusations have been made without affording the opportunity for a fair response or a chance to present their side of the story. Such baseless accusations can be not only damaging but also perilous and undesirable. makes it a point to disclose information about accounts they expose only after they have engaged in a process of due diligence, including seeking input from the concerned parties. Their hope is that this approach will set an example for others in the field.

To address these recent accusations, attempted to contact the individual who initiated the allegations, @AnneWorner. Regrettably, their attempt was met with an abrupt dismissal, preventing them from sharing their side of the story. Instead, they were informed about the accusations by other parties, which only adds to the regrettable nature of the situation. reiterates their commitment to being a trustworthy platform that operates with the best intentions and no hidden agendas. They invite anyone with questions or concerns to reach out via email at or send a WhatsApp message to +31647089793.

In an era where online information can spread rapidly, it’s crucial to uphold principles of fairness, accuracy, and open dialogue. The volunteers at remain dedicated to these principles and to providing valuable OSINT information to the public while ensuring the safety and privacy of their contributors.

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