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Nine fraudulent call centers shut Down in Kyiv and Dnipro, Ukraine


Scammers targeting foreigners exposed in a joint operation by law enforcement agencies

In a major breakthrough in the fight against fraud, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have successfully dismantled the operations of nine illicit call centers located in Kyiv and Dnipro. These deceitful enterprises were engaged in various schemes, preying on unsuspecting individuals for their personal gain.

The offices in Dnipro were involved in a “bank impersonation” scheme, where employees would make fraudulent calls posing as bank representatives. By pretending to be legitimate financial institution staff, they deceitfully extracted sensitive card information from unsuspecting victims, including card numbers, CVV codes, expiration dates, and one-time passwords. Armed with this stolen information, the perpetrators proceeded to misappropriate the victims’ funds.

In the capital city, operators at call centers targeted citizens, particularly foreigners, by enticing them to invest in fake income projects and financial pyramids. Both schemes specifically targeted foreign nationals, with over two hundred individuals employed across the implicated call centers.

The total extent of the financial losses suffered by the victims is currently being assessed as authorities diligently work to determine the exact amount.

Two separate criminal proceedings have been initiated under Article 190, Part 3 (Fraud) of the Ukrainian Criminal Code. The penalties for such offenses may include up to eight years of imprisonment. The investigation is currently ongoing, with law enforcement agencies actively conducting inquiries and gathering evidence.

At present, law enforcement officials are identifying the victims who fell prey to these scams and working to uncover the masterminds behind these fraudulent activities.

This successful joint operation highlights the commitment of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to combat fraud and protect individuals, both domestic and foreign, from financial exploitation. will closely monitor further developments in this case and provide timely updates as the investigation progresses.

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