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New Python Tool “Close-Circuit Telegram Vision” Enhances Location Tracking Capabilities


A few days ago, developer Ivan Glinkin released a groundbreaking tool called Close-Circuit Telegram Vision (CCTV), which is set to revolutionize how we use Telegram for location tracking. Unlike the previously discussed Telegram Nearby Map, this new tool operates as a Python script, offering a more efficient and streamlined user experience.

What is Close-Circuit Telegram Vision?

Close-Circuit Telegram Vision (CCTV) leverages the Telegram API to gather location data from users who have enabled the “People Nearby” feature. Once executed, the script saves the collected data in an HTML file for easy viewing and also generates a JSON file containing all the detailed information. The tool provides a precise tracking radius of 50-100 meters, making it ideal for real-time logistics and safety monitoring.

Key Features and Usage

The tool is designed for ease of use but requires some familiarity with the Telegram API to avoid potential pitfalls, such as temporary bans for API misuse. Setting up the tool involves configuring parameters like radius and waiting time. For instance, a 500-meter radius with a 30-second wait time takes about a minute to complete the data collection process.

How to Use CCTV:

  1. Download and Setup: Clone the repository from GitHub and ensure you have Python installed on your machine.
  2. Configuration: Adjust the settings as per your requirements (e.g., radius, wait time).
  3. Execution: Run the script. It will collect the data and save it in HTML and JSON formats.
  4. Viewing Data: Open the HTML file to view the collected information.

Privacy Concerns and Security Risks

While the tool offers powerful capabilities, it also raises significant privacy concerns. The “People Nearby” feature, by default, is disabled on Telegram, but users who activate it might unknowingly expose their location. Although the tool does not reveal phone numbers or exact locations, it can approximate the distance between users within the specified radius.

Protecting Your Privacy

To mitigate the risks, users should ensure that the “People Nearby” feature is disabled unless necessary. Here’s how you can check and disable it:

  1. Open Telegram on your Android or iPhone.
  2. Access Menu: On Android, tap the three horizontal lines to open the side menu. On iOS, go to the “Contacts” tab.
  3. Check “People Nearby”: If it shows options like “Make myself visible” or “Allow access,” the feature is disabled. If not, disable it to protect your privacy.

Additionally, restricting non-contacts from viewing your profile image can further enhance your privacy.


Close-Circuit Telegram Vision by Ivan Glinkin is a powerful tool for location tracking via Telegram, but it comes with significant privacy implications. Users must be cautious and ensure that their settings are configured to protect their personal information. For more information, visit Ivan Glinkin’s Twitter and the GitHub repository.

Stay informed and secure as you navigate the evolving landscape of mobile communication tools.

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