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NATO Summit: Positive decision expected on Ukraine’s membership decision

NATO leaders summit in Vilnius

In a highly anticipated development, Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, expressed confidence that the upcoming summit communiqué, to be adopted in a few hours, will contain positive language regarding Ukraine’s membership aspirations. Stoltenberg made the remarks during a public forum held concurrently with the NATO summit in Vilnius, as reported by the correspondent of European Pravda.

The finalized communiqué, which is currently being fine-tuned, is expected to outline the Alliance’s stance on Ukraine’s membership and pave the way for further discussions and actions. Stoltenberg emphasized that the language in the document will be unveiled within a few hours when it receives the endorsement of NATO leaders.

During the forum, Stoltenberg recalled his previous proposal made in May during a meeting of ministers in Oslo. He suggested removing the requirement for the implementation of the Action Plan for Ukraine’s membership in the Alliance. Stoltenberg acknowledged Ukraine’s significant progress since the decision made in 2008, which outlined the Membership Action Plan as the next step. He stated that Ukraine is now much closer to NATO, indicating that the time has come to reflect this progress in NATO’s decisions.

Anticipating a positive outcome, Stoltenberg expressed confidence in the communiqué’s wording, which he believes will deliver a strong and affirming message on Ukraine’s path towards membership in the Alliance. The upcoming decision holds immense significance for Ukraine and reflects the ongoing efforts to strengthen the country’s partnership with NATO.

The summit marks a crucial moment in the relationship between Ukraine and NATO, with discussions focused on deepening cooperation, enhancing security measures, and solidifying Ukraine’s aspirations for full membership. The positive language expected in the communiqué underscores NATO’s recognition of Ukraine’s achievements and its commitment to supporting Ukraine’s integration into the Alliance.

The adoption of the communiqué during the NATO summit will set the stage for further deliberations and actions aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s ties with NATO. It signifies a significant step forward in Ukraine’s strategic trajectory and highlights the ongoing commitment of NATO member states to collective security and cooperation in the region.

As the NATO summit progresses, will closely monitor the outcome of the communiqué and provide comprehensive coverage of the decisions regarding Ukraine’s membership aspirations. The positive language anticipated in the communiqué signifies an important milestone in the partnership between Ukraine and NATO, reaffirming the shared commitment to regional stability and security.

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