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Mysterious downfall: British Intelligence suspects Russian Su-35 shot down over Tokmak


In a surprising turn of events, British intelligence agencies have reported that on September 28, 2023, Russian air defense forces may have inadvertently shot down their own Su-35 aircraft over the Ukrainian town of Tokmak. The loss of this state-of-the-art Russian combat aircraft has raised eyebrows in the global military community, as the Su-35 is considered one of the most advanced fighter jets in the Russian arsenal. This incident marks what could be only the fifth known case of a Su-35 being lost.

The Su-35, a formidable multirole fighter jet developed by Russia’s Sukhoi Corporation, has long been a symbol of the nation’s military prowess. Known for its exceptional maneuverability, advanced avionics, and formidable armament, the Su-35 has been a key player in Russia’s air force since its introduction.

Background on the Su-35: The Sukhoi Su-35, NATO reporting name “Flanker-E,” is a fourth-generation fighter aircraft and an upgraded version of the Su-27. It was first unveiled in 2007 and entered service with the Russian Air Force in 2014. This aircraft is designed to excel in air superiority missions, with a range of advanced capabilities that make it a formidable opponent in aerial combat.

Key features of the Su-35 include:

  1. Supermaneuverability
    The Su-35 boasts thrust-vectoring engines, which enable it to perform incredible aerial maneuvers, making it highly agile in dogfights.
  2. Advanced avionics
    Equipped with cutting-edge radar systems and sensors, the Su-35 can detect and track multiple targets simultaneously, providing its pilots with a significant tactical advantage.
  3. Long-Range engagement
    The aircraft is armed with a wide array of air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, giving it the ability to engage targets at various ranges.
  4. Enhanced survivability
    The Su-35 features advanced electronic countermeasures and a robust airframe designed to withstand damage.
  5. Operational range
    With its extended fuel capacity, the Su-35 can cover vast distances, allowing it to project power in various regions.

The Su-35 has been in service with the Russian military for nearly a decade and has played a vital role in various international conflicts. Its presence in Syria during the country’s civil war and its involvement in recent tensions in Eastern Europe underscore its strategic importance.

The incident over Tokmak raises questions about the training and communication protocols within the Russian air defense forces. Shooting down one’s own aircraft, especially one as valuable as the Su-35, is a rare and troubling occurrence. British intelligence suggests that this may have been a result of miscommunication or misidentification.

While Russia has not officially confirmed the incident, the loss of a Su-35 is undoubtedly a significant blow to its military capabilities. It highlights the need for continued vigilance and adherence to strict operational procedures, particularly in volatile regions like Eastern Europe.

The international community will be closely monitoring the developments surrounding this incident, as it could have broader implications for regional stability and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The loss of such an advanced aircraft underscores the importance of accurate and timely intelligence in military operations and the consequences of errors in judgment during times of heightened tension.

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