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Moldova’s Gagauzia appeals to Russia for support amidst claims of oppression


MOSCOW – In a significant development, Evghenia Guțul, the head of Moldova’s autonomous region of Gagauzia, arrived in Moscow today to meet with Valentina Matvienko, the chairwoman of the Federation Council of Russia, seeking support and protection for the region.

Guțul expressed concerns over what she described as the continuous oppression of Gagauzia’s rights by the Moldovan government. The meeting with Matvienko aimed to address these issues and explore potential avenues for assistance from Russia.

“The rights of the region are oppressed by Moldova; it crosses all borders, and the region asks for Russia’s support,” Guțul asserted during the meeting. The autonomous region has been grappling with what it perceives as undue interference and neglect from the Moldovan authorities.

The move comes amid escalating tensions between Gagauzia and Moldova, with Gagauzia’s leadership accusing the central government of neglect and disregard for the autonomous region’s interests. Guțul’s visit to Moscow signals a bold step in seeking support to address the issues faced by Gagauzia.

This development adds to the ongoing geopolitical dynamics in the region, with Moldova President Maia Sandu earlier reporting a large-scale propaganda campaign by Moscow against the country’s leadership and its European Union (EU) affiliations. Sandu expressed concern over what she deemed as attempts to destabilize the country through disinformation.

In response to President Sandu’s claims, Guțul highlighted the need for external intervention to safeguard Gagauzia’s rights and interests. The plea for support from Russia is seen by some as a strategic move to counterbalance Moldova’s alignment with the EU.

The Moldovan government, led by President Sandu, has consistently emphasized its commitment to European integration and strengthening ties with the EU. However, Gagauzia’s leadership argues that this approach neglects the unique needs and aspirations of the autonomous region.

As diplomatic discussions unfold, the international community closely watches the developments, recognizing the complexity of the situation and the potential implications for regional stability. Gagauzia’s appeal to Russia for support adds a new layer to the ongoing narrative, underscoring the delicate balance between national sovereignty, regional autonomy, and geopolitical alliances. will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as events unfold.

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