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Microsoft denies alleged breach and theft of 30 million customer accounts


Microsoft has refuted the claims made by the group “Anonymous Sudan,” stating that they breached the company’s servers and stole credentials for 30 million customer accounts. The hacktivist group, known for conducting distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against Western entities, has recently affiliated itself with pro-Russian hacktivists like Killnet.

In a Telegram post, Anonymous Sudan asserted that they had successfully hacked Microsoft and gained access to a substantial database containing over 30 million Microsoft accounts, including email addresses and passwords. They offered to sell the database for $50,000 and provided a sample of the data as proof, expressing their belief that Microsoft would deny the breach.

Last month, Microsoft acknowledged that Anonymous Sudan was responsible for service disruptions and outages at the beginning of June, affecting several of its services, such as Azure, Outlook, and OneDrive. However, the company’s spokesperson has categorically denied the recent claims of a data breach.

According to a statement provided to BleepingComputer, a Microsoft representative stated, “At this time, our analysis of the data shows that this is not a legitimate claim and an aggregation of data. We have seen no evidence that our customer data has been accessed or compromised.” Microsoft maintains that there is no indication of unauthorized access to customer data.

It remains unclear whether Microsoft’s investigation into the alleged breach is ongoing or if it has been concluded. The company’s response to the potential public release of the claimed data is yet to be seen.

As the situation develops, will provide updates on the matter.

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