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Massive evacuation underway as dam threatens to collapse in Orsk, Russia


Orsk, Russia: More than 3,000 residents, including 721 children, have been evacuated from Orsk as the governor of the Orenburg region declares a state of emergency. Nearly 11,000 people and over 4,000 homes in eight nearby settlements are now within the flood zone as the breach in the dam in the Old Town area worsens.

Currently, 1,825 residential buildings and 5,242 plots of land in 95 populated areas are submerged. Efforts to reinforce the dam are underway, with additional heavy equipment being brought in, including trucks carrying gravel to restore the embankments. Police are alerting residents to evacuate.

Over the past day, the water level in the Ural River has risen by 91 cm, reaching 778 cm. Electricity and gas supplies to the affected areas will be disconnected. The dam in Orsk has been breached. Urgent evacuation orders have been issued for the entire Old Town, Nickel settlement, as well as Gagarin Square, Builders, and Dokuchaeva Streets.

People in these areas are urged to flee immediately to temporary shelters.

UPDATE: Emergency services are evacuating people from the flood zone. The moment of the dam collapse in Orsk. Evacuation is underway. Efforts are being made to reinforce the dam – specialized equipment is on-site. The city of labor valor, Orsk, may be completely submerged – due to the threat of the dam breach on the Ural River in the Orenburg region. Authorities have declared a state of emergency.

Floods began several days ago as ice floes melted rapidly, causing cracks in the hydro-technical structure in Orsk. Subsequently, water essentially began to breach the artificial embankment. Locals have been documenting the events for days, fearing the worst for the dam.

At this moment, two rescue Il-76 aircraft are en route to Orsk, carrying dozens of Emergency Ministry specialists and equipment to deal with the aftermath. Additionally, an airborne group from the Perm region is heading to the area, comprising 40 personnel and 7 specialized vehicles. If the water breaches the dam, around a thousand families will be left homeless.

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