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Lithuania provides Ukraine with NASAMS systems and armored transporters to strengthen Air Defense


In response to the relentless and brutal missile attacks by Russia on military and civilian targets in Ukraine, and in answer to Ukraine’s urgent request for assistance in enhancing its air defense capabilities, the Ministry of National Defense of Lithuania is purchasing NASAMS missile launch systems for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Defense Resource Agency, under the Ministry of National Defense, signed a procurement contract with the Norwegian company “Kongsberg” on June 27 for this acquisition.

“The upgraded NASAMS missile launch systems are being procured, fully prepared for integration into the existing fire control units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, thereby supplementing and expanding the operational capacity of the NASAMS systems currently used in Ukraine, donated by Norway and the United States,” says Minister of National Defense Arvydas Anušauskas.

The value of the contract is approximately €9.8 million. Lithuania will also take care of the delivery and transfer of this support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which is expected to be completed within the next three months. The Ministry of Defense of Norway will additionally contribute by donating support equipment for the NASAMS missile launch systems.

NASAMS medium-range air defense systems are also employed by the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

In addition to the NASAMS missile launch systems, Lithuania’s planned package of military assistance to Ukraine will include 10 armored transporters M113. The total number of these armored transporters provided by Lithuania will reach 72.

For 2023, Lithuania has ordered the production of 12.5 million rounds of ammunition for Ukraine, with 2.5 million rounds to be delivered in the near future. Thousands of units of anti-tank ammunition for grenade launchers will also be soon transferred. With this new aid package, the total value of military assistance to Ukraine will exceed half a billion euros.

The Ministry of National Defense has also committed to providing long-term support to Ukraine. The prepared military assistance plan foresees a support value of at least €200 million for the years 2024-2026.

As the situation in Ukraine remains critical, Lithuania stands alongside Ukraine in its fight against aggression and continues to demonstrate its unwavering support. will closely follow the developments and provide updates on the progress of the aid package and its impact on Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

Air supremacy and airspace control
In the modern battlefield, air supremacy and airspace control have emerged as critical factors that shape the outcome of conflicts. The ability to dominate the skies offers strategic advantages, facilitates force protection, denies the enemy operational freedom, enhances intelligence capabilities, and influences the psychological aspects of warfare. Military forces worldwide recognize the importance of air superiority and actively invest in technologies and strategies to attain and maintain it. As warfare continues to evolve, the significance of air supremacy and airspace control remains essential for achieving victory on the battlefield.

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