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KittenSec leaks Romanian and EU Government data in #OpRomania


In a startling cyber incident, a new hacking group known as KittenSec has made headlines after leaking sensitive data from both Romania’s government headquarters and the European Commission extranet. The breach, which exposed emails, documents, contracts, healthcare records, and various other data, has raised concerns about cybersecurity and the safety of government information.

The hackers announced their operation, dubbed #OpRomania, with a post on a popular Discord server. The Romanian government website was defaced, leaving behind the message “this website has been owned! holy fucking bingle!” alongside an image of a Slyveon. The group then directed users to their Telegram channel, where they began revealing the extent of their data haul.

The leaked data reportedly includes information from several Romanian-state related services, such as FleetOnline, OMV Fuel Navigator, and Vehicle Tracking, as well as European Food Safety databases. While the group claims to have archived tons of data, they assert that personal information has been removed from their releases, suggesting their motives might not be malicious.

In an exclusive release via MEGA, KittenSec published a massive zip file titled “OpRomania Leaks [KittenSec].zip” containing approximately 25GB of data, consisting of 220,354 files. However, shortly after the release, MEGA took down the file, prompting KittenSec to create a torrent mirror to preserve and disseminate the leaked information further.

The individual who created the torrent mirror disassociated themselves from the hacking group, clarifying that they had no involvement in the hacking activities. They emphasized their intention was to make the data available for potential journalistic coverage, expressing a desire for the leak to be responsibly analyzed.

The incident has raised concerns among both the Romanian and EU governments, with cybersecurity experts emphasizing the need for robust protection measures. The leak highlights the vulnerability of government websites and databases to cyberattacks, which can have severe consequences for national security and citizen privacy.

The motives and origins of KittenSec remain unclear, and the group claims they will reveal further details in an upcoming blog post. Meanwhile, authorities and cybersecurity agencies are closely monitoring the situation and investigating the breach to ascertain the full extent of the damage.

As the fallout from the #OpRomania hack continues, the international community remains vigilant against cyber threats, underscoring the importance of safeguarding sensitive data and enhancing cybersecurity measures to protect critical infrastructure and public information.

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